I like my blog but there are things I can’t put on it. Which is frustrating since part of the reason for having it is to provide me with a way of venting my emotions.

In the interests of my sanity, however I need to rant somewhere. So here, in as anonymous a way as possible, is my rant about just some of the things that are making me mad.
Five and six year old girls can be frankly horrible. Fortunately Tilly isn’t too upset by recent events but I am. Neither of my girls are of course perfect, but I’d like to think they wouldn’t ignore other children to be mean, or say things that are obviously meant to be hurtful.
If a particular child teases my daughter again for not being about to say her “r”s it will be dealt with. The temptation to tell Tilly what to say in retaliation is immense but I’m trying to control myself.
And while we are on the subject of school (albeit a much more minor point) we do actually have a school uniform. It doesn’t include red tops, green dresses, leggings with Hello Kitty on, red shoes, gold crocs or sandals.
There is also some specific feedback for teachers. Which I don’t feel I can write.
Do you know what I don’t feel better. That’s censorship for you…

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