Well Tramlines didn’t entirely go to plan. We were taking it in turns to go out in the evening and planned to spend loads of time in the day in town and Endcliffe Park listening to music with the kids. That was until Tilly was sick in her dinner, on the top deck of a bus, and subsequently every half an hour for twelve hours. Poor little thing.

That said it still warrants a significant mention. We had a lovely time with the girls in the day on Saturday, and Paul and I did both manage to go out, have a drink and listen to music. Just a shame it wasn’t together.
Paul spent most of his evening on Friday in the Frog and Parrot with friends, notably watching Lewis Floyd Henry who he said was staggering. He also managed to see Heaven 17 singing “Temptation” and was in before 3am. He only managed to lose his friends during that last hour so not bad going. He thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
Before the sickness on Saturday we managed to enjoy the family friendly bits of the festival too. We came away with two masks with ribbony bits and two crowns. Once I placated the girls with Hello Kitty sticker books we even managed to sit and listen to some music in the peace gardens. We also took them into the Amococo Luminarium at the cathedral which they thought was like being in a space ship, minus the aliens. It was very popular. The circus skills workshops were down well too, but despite professional assistance Paul still can’t juggle.
I met a good friend in the evening and saw Sarah Mac at the Library Theatre. It was a lot calmer start than standing at the main stage would have been and a beautiful one. She is a great pianist with a lovely voice and I was in awe of her songwriting. Brilliant start. Plus we had the added bonus of wine in paper cups.
We then watched most of Shooglenifty on the main stage. They still had the same energy despite being 15 years older than when I last saw them. I wonder if he still drinks Newcastle Brown.
After that we went to the cathedral which weirdly didn’t have a queue and did have a bar. We were a bit surprised by this and as a reaction bought a pint glass of wine each. I must admit I thought the venue a bit odd, and uncomfortable, but that’s churches for you. But David J Roch was outstanding. Lyrically haunting with a rich beautiful voice. After he had finished we tried to leave with our pints of wine but weren’t allowed to leave. It was a hardship we managed to cope with.
We went via chips, a brief view of the Guillemots on the main stage and avoidance of an exploding portaloo, to The Harley where we were transported back to being eighteen…for five minutes and one gin and tonic before we left with a headache. It was the music not the gin. I’m sure they were excellent. The head-banging twenty year old girl seemed to think so.
Obviously I wish we could have ended the festival as we’d planned – the family chilling in Endcliffe on Sunday and then Paul and I out together with friends in the evening. And more importantly I wish Tilly hadn’t been so poorly, bless her. But that said it really wasn’t a bad way to finish the festival even if it was a bit premature. A great night, a good friend, excellent new music and no queuing!
We spent the next day providing lots of cuddles and tidying the shed. Back to being middle aged.

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