End of Term

Well that’s it for six weeks then. Thank goodness for that, we are all shattered. Although the wants list for the holidays is currently reaching three pages so I can’t see it being a relaxing time. If we manage to do everything including learning to spell Mississippi, growing an “Enormous Turnip” and visiting everywhere my children have ever heard of I’ll be more than surprised.

Before the mayhem begins is an ideal time to reflect on the last two terms I think. These are the key points:
1. Tilly loves school, has lovely friends and is learning a lot of good stuff. Apart from all the twinkly star brain stuff which was gibberish. She can read, write and add up though and how they get 30 kids doing that I will never know. She is also very good with pritt stick and a variety of food cartons although she doesn’t always know what she’s made.
2. School reading books are, in general, dire. Apart from the one about the Rabbit Milkman. Can’t they all be by Julia Donaldson?
3. I officially love assemblies. Especially the way children project their voice by hollering at the top of their lungs and speaking really quickly. I have managed not to cry at any assemblies so far which is very good for me.
4. Scooters are both brilliant fun and terrifying. It’s not just the kids falling off (which happens most days), but I take my life into my own hands just walking across the playground.
5. Various teachers cannot recognise a goat from a sheep, and don’t know that Monet died a rather long time ago. I’m not doubting their knowledge in other areas but Zoology and Art history – not a strong point.
6. Tilly still hates Toy Story 3. Ah the last week of term when so much work is done. She genuinely is the only child who I imagine would have rather been doing sums.
Overall though she is incredibly happy which means I am too. AND it’s Tramlines this weekend and if Phoebe manages to stay well we all get to enjoy it. Excellent.

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