This week in brief

1. I still haven’t done any exercise. Paul went up a hill in the rain. Tomorrow morning I will consider doing some sit ups.

2. Paul has spent money on boots and socks. I have bought car and home insurance. It really doesn’t get more exciting than that.
3. I haven’t dared step on the scales to ascertain how much weight I have put on. I am frankly embarrassed by my inability to eat healthily for longer than two days. I blame the fact that Paul is now eating Snickers every half an hour.
4. The house is still a tip. I am offering stickers to anyone who will tidy up bits of it. None of my immediate family seem to be incentivised so I’m broadening my offer to include you lot.
5. We have borrowed so many pairs of pants, trousers and dresses for Phoebe I genuinely can’t work out where to return them to. I will be offering pants to everyone we see next week. At least she now wears waterproof shoes.
In more positive news:
1. The architect says that no one has complained about the plans for the extension. If only we could actually get on with something. I need to get rid of some more stuff at least. Does anyone need a large number of espresso cups and cocktail glasses?
2. We have officially given up ballet and Tilly is eyeing up the cheerleading course at school for September. I’m all for it as long as we don’t have to buy new pom poms on a regular basis.
I think that’s about it. Not exactly a scintillating week. This is me giving myself a boot up the backside. Not a £125 hiking boot though. More a flip flop. What’s on TV?

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