Well Paul has started his training. He went out on Thursday for a brisk walk. As I understand it he set off up the road and kept turning so he was going as far up as he could. Then he came back down again, via the wine shop. So the bad news is the tee total thing isn’t going well. The good news is he went at a fair pace, averaging ten minutes a mile. We know he can keep going for an hour then. So just the following sixteen hours to work on.

I have spent some time since then suggesting to my friends, and their husbands, that they would love to go up hills with Paul to keep him company. We have a few volunteers already so this approach seems to be going well and I am a little reassured by him having a support network. They might manage to steer him past the off licence at the foot of each hill.
His first major outing is tomorrow going up Kinder Scout with Dave. Fortunately Dave seems to know what he’s doing which is a bonus. I did suggest Paul should perhaps invest in an OS map for the area but he managed to come back from the outdoors shop without one. Let’s hope Dave knows where he’s going as well then.
Interestingly Paul did seem to enjoy his time in the shop. Retail therapy can take the weirdest forms. He bought new hiking boots and a pair of £12 socks. Seriously £12. I have paid less than that for shoes. Apparently socks are the key to everything and he’ll know he’s made the right purchase as soon as he puts them on. I’ll wait and give you the sock report tomorrow. Personally I’m concerned that since there are three peaks he will need three pairs and we will need to remortgage simply to afford the hosiery for this trip.
I did ask whether he made a decision on the other purchases required like the rucksack, base layers, walking trousers, gaitors and trekking poles. He said he spent half an hour talking about coats and half an hour talking about boots so he didn’t have time. If we carry on at this rate he will spend three and a half hours shopping which so far is considerably more time than he’s spent up a hill. I’m trying not to get concerned about this and to see his new enthusiasm for shopping as a bonus. Maybe he’ll learn to enjoy clothes shopping with me in due course.
So no wine tonight in preparation for tomorrow. Remind me why I suggested this again?
And in case you would like to sponsor him here’s the link 😉

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