Daily Irritations

It’s weird how something small can throw you off your game. This morning I was feeling relatively positive (if daunted by the things I need to), but the only thing I had planned was a flu jab at 1040. The rest of the day would fit around that one fairly insignificant thing.

At 830 my flu jab was cancelled. Presumably because the staff in Boots have flu.

I spent twenty minutes wrestling with the Boots web page to rearrange the flu jab. I am now irritated and a bit deflated despite the fact that I still managed to re book it for before my voucher expired on Tuesday which I should be seeing as a win.

But maybe I was irritated already because so far this morning I’ve spent half an hour sitting on the landing removing bits of white tissue from my eldest daughter’s hoodie pocket with sellotape. Or because my youngest daughter managed to walk past a large bag of rubbish on the top step rather than taking it downstairs despite the fact that she probably had to do a gymnastic move to do so.

Or maybe it’s because I spent several hours ordering photo books of the girls art work from when they were little which arrived and are miniscule. Because who doesn’t need a pocket sized book of their infant school paintings? Or is it because the photo I ordered to fit in a photo frame was absolutely chuffing massive? Again who doesn’t need a massive family photo to blu tack to the wall?

Anyway enough already. I don’t want to be irritated I want to be a positive force. So I’m going to fold some clothes and listen to a true crime podcast. And try not to catch the flu my daughter may have. Because that would just be typical.

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