Chasing My Goals

It’s been two weeks since I thought about setting myself some goals and frankly Covid19 has most definitely got in the way. The first day I felt positive and determined enough to park further away and walk to work I ended up working from home isolating and I’m still here a week later. I haven’t tied up a trainer to start to run, or picked up a knitting needle or a saxophone.

On the upside I’ve finished the world’s most boring course on Equality and Diversity (I’m not sure how much I learned but I’ve been trying to finish it for months) and today I wrote my first short children’s story in a very long time. I’ve planted the first of vegetable seeds (tomatoes, chilli peppers and sweetcorn) and the new little greenhouse is getting put together later today if I have enough energy to help. Before being struck down with the lurgy we tidied and decluttered the shed so I have space to plant the other seeds I’ve bought.

I haven’t made bread yet but I did make Bakewell tarts (largely out of guilt for not remembering to send P to school with change for the Comic Relief bake sale but whatever makes you do something right?) I threw a pretty awful fourth attempt pot, and have started clearing the garden for Spring. We’ve paid a deposit to start sorting out the fireplaces and we’ve arranged a couple of birthday related adventures. Not bad really.

It’s important to see what you have done amidst all the things you haven’t. I’m not in a place right now where I can start to get healthier (frankly I feel like going to bed and pulling the duvet over my head which I would do if lying down didn’t make me cough), and I can’t focus very long due to Covid brain mush, but I can celebrate small wins. The sun is shining and I’m determined to think positively.

Signs of Spring

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