So 2022 then…

I’m the only one up on New Year’s Day 2022 – the rest of my beautiful family are quite sensibly fast asleep. I find New Year an emotive thing more and more these days which is probably why my brain woke me up. It thinks I need time to think which is both true and not true. If I think too hard it’ll be a bad start to the year. If I focus on COVID and some of the other almighty crap that we’ve had fly our way last year, or if I stop to let thoughts of my not being good enough flood in, then I’d really be better off in bed. So I’m drinking tea and shoving negative thoughts aside to remember what was good about last year and what I hope to come.

There were no exciting holidays abroad or new revelations, but there were lots of moments of joy. Having our first meal in my parents new garden after they moved up to be near us; a birthday party in the garden in the snow and another inside with friends; braces coming off and beautiful smiles; the girls smashing their drama exams; a month of walking 10k steps; Alton Towers; walks along the beach; theatre and comedy with my excellent friend; singing; a decorated hall; a birthday picnic at Hardwick; glass decoration making; finally seeing friends and family after so so so so long; a lovely Christmas day; walks in the fog; helping at the 10k; Amal the puppet; fireworks; lunches with friends at the Old Barn; Haddon Hall Christmas market; a weekend away at our friends’ new house; watching polar bears and otters at the zoo while eating sausage rolls; and also lots of gloriously funny TV and games and food and love. 2021 was crap and yet we still managed all these beautiful things, imagine what 2022 could be?

That’s the attitude I want to take into this next year. Focus on the good bits, and also be thankful. Be thankful we had this joy and recognise that others did not. Sending out love.

Today will be a quiet one. A walking in the mist and eating sausages kind of a day. A reading my new poetry book and drinking tea kind of day. A playing a new board game and watching an afternoon movie kind of day. That will most definitely do.

Happy New Year to you and yours – may 2022 be filled with happy moments. x

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