Women in Engineering

I had a call from school a few weeks ago asking if my eldest would like to go for a day out to try welding. I asked her – “yes of course.” I signed her up.

“I’m surprised you wanted to go welding since you were quite frightened of soldering”.

“Welding?! I thought you said worlding”

“Of course you did. You know worlding isn’t a word right?”

“Ah. Oh yes. Well I’m sure it will be fine”

With that and an email she was booked on to a women in engineering day at Lincoln Electric. My daughter is always up for new opportunities.

I drove her and her dad over to Aston and threw them out of the car – it was impossible to park because the building is next to Pinders the school wear provider and the queue for school uniform went half way down the street.

Anyway I wasn’t there so I didn’t see her having a go at the VR welding, or eating the delicious lunch, or being given the ridiculous high spec PPE, or of course actually welding (sparks and everything). I didn’t get the chance to meet the fantastic role model Ruth, local engineer who is jointly responsible for the wonderful Youtube channel Kids Invent Stuff (highly recommended!) so I didn’t hear directly all about the 6 foot toothbrush she’d just made on the channel. I didn’t see first hand how helpful and friendly everyone was, and how encouraging all the staff were. But goodness did I hear all about it when we were driving home. I think you can safely say they were both inspired.

She starts her DT GCSE next week. She left the day with the assurance that if she has any welding ideas and wants to come back she’d be very welcome. I wonder if welding might feature in her projects…

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