Good Things

In the absence of anything else to talk about here is a good things post. It’s important because it stops me thinking about the less good things of which there are a few.

  1. I’ve managed 5 days of hiit workouts which means I nearly get a day off. My stomach muscles hurt.
  2. We are all running regularly, even if in my case not far enough or for long enough. But running with P has been pretty fun to be honest.
  3. I have a new book that will teach me about knitting. So far I’ve knitted one thing, undone it then knitted it again. The book is a thing of beauty.
  4. Our family tree has lots of photos on it.
  5. Mum and Dad visited and took the girls out. I stayed in my box room office but at least they had fun.
  6. It’s not hot anymore.
  7. We now own my grandmother’s typewriter.
  8. I was given a lovely new plant and some biscuits.
  9. Drinks and chats with family and good friends this week have been much needed. Almost feels normal. Apart from the whole sitting apart and not hugging thing.
  10. Sadly I sat for a while thinking about it and struggled to think of a tenth thing. This is worrying. I’ll have to at least put poached eggs to make it an even number of good things. Time for breakfast.

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