Week Four Hundred and Twelve

Nearly Monday again. It’s been a fairly low week. Sleep has been elusive in the night then a bit too easy first thing in the morning. There are some significant worries and the kids in particular are finding the lack of real school even harder – which I didn’t really believe was possible. The impending 6 week summer holiday is looming rather than longed for. It all feels a bit endless.

The weather has gone from so hot I couldn’t leave the house (and our Monstera plant got burnt), to so windy all my plants bent over (f I lose my tomatoes I’ll not be impressed.)

On Friday I actually left the house and went into work – the joy of seeing my boss was significant. The level of amusement when we were briefly locked in the building was definitely worth having.

In other positive news the house is clean, the fish are still alive, I dragged myself to the finish of the first 28 minute run in years and went out for some lovely walks. The downside is I’ve been bitten to death which definitely isn’t helping the trying to get back to sleep at 4am situation.

What else? Our new wildlife camera works and has captured a photo of a moth and a squirrel – well it’s early days.

The girls and their friends have nearly finished recording a play they’ve written and performed via zoom. T is on the last book of her joint 100 book challenge and they have raised over £900 for Unicef. Paul and I have finished watching the first season of Ozark despite the kids always being awake. I managed to bag a Tesco delivery so have 24 toilet rolls in anticipation of a second wave and in genealogy news P and I have uncovered connections to interesting wealthy ancestors who made waterproof golfing trousers. I suppose there are always positives.

This coming week needs to be a good one. I have two more 28 minute runs to smash and at some point need to purchase some bite cream. There’s a LOT of work to do, plus an epic blog post to write about my reading teen, and the girls and I are going to tackle sewing and watercolour so there will be two more skills we can cross off the list as ones we don’t have.

On Saturday things change again and we can go to the pub and the cinema. Which we won’t do because  it seems like absolute madness to me. Instead it will be more episodes of Merlin, bags of jelly sweets, long board games with gin, and further delving into the world of agricultural labour in the 1800s.

I hope next week is a good one for you. Please keep safe.

K x

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