Things to Look Forward To?

So this week our beloved long hoped for camping holiday has gone as well. In a way it’s for the best – let’s face it no-one will ever be able to socially distance in Robin Hoods Bay – but it feels like that’s it now. Truly no events to look forward to. I think we are just waiting for two more gigs to be cancelled and that’s your lot. It’s all very weird.

It’s been a better week than last. I’ve taken to watching people rescuing animals on social media to calm myself down – that and videos of people reupholstering chairs. It’s quite soothing. I’ve also taken to avoiding watching the government briefings altogether. Reading about volunteers who are going to gently encourage people on public transport to put a mask on (apparently similar to the volunteers at the Olympics) made me glad I have. This is like the most unbelievable episode of The Thick of It ever.

On Monday more shops open, including Meadowhall. If I was completely out of my mind I could walk one way around the enormous shopping centre following a traffic light system. So if the shop you want to go in has a red light you have to keep going. And presumably carry on going round the whole thing one way until you get back to the shop in the hopes it’s changed to green. Like a massive version of musical chairs. Maybe when the music stops you all have to sit on the floor, two metres away from each other of course. I mean I really need some gas for my soda stream but there are limits.

The good news is the zoo is soon open. I actually welled up at the thought of seeing a polar bear again. Of course we won’t be going anytime soon because frankly in the absence of any holiday we need to save up any actual tourist experiences for the endless six week break for fear of running out of places to go. Plus I’m not keen on the idea of a one way leopard viewing tower.

The most exciting adventure is that tomorrow we are going home to see Mum and Dad. We’ve had to wait a week longer than expected because the thought of sitting in the garden all day in the rain and gale force winds was a little off putting. Anyway I expect I’ll cry but it’s possibly the most exciting thing that’s ever happened.

I hope your weeks have been manageable. Today we go on a great fish buying expedition, put up some shelves and do some washing. Oh and I tackle a 25 minute run in the fog. But first, toast with Marmite. Although even that is a little bit stressful because I’ve heard there is a Marmite drought. When will this world get back to normal?

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