Week Fifty – Christmas Lights on Christmas Eve

I’m all for a new Christmas tradition. A few years ago I decided we would do a Christmas Eve Yule log decorating competition which is still going strong, despite the fact that due to the competitive nature of our kids, and a desire for an easy life, we never actually declare a winner. This year one entry was vertical so I have high hopes for the future.

We moved house in 2019 and are still finding our feet a bit locally. So to make things extra festive we visited a local street I’ve never seen at Christmas before. It’s festooned with lights and was a great way to stretch our legs in a Christmassy way before the Christmas Day shenanigans began. You have to ignore the stupid people who choose to drive, and make sure you dig deep to donate for two local charities. All in all a very good thing even with the slightly bizarre nativity scene. Epic.


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