Week Forty-Seven – Toast

I haven’t included many reviews in my #52things as clearly most of the things I’ve watched I haven’t seen before so it feels like cheating to include them.

However I’m using this one though because it was special, partly because Nigel Slater’s voice was played through the speakers when we arrived along with the smell of burnt toast wafting around the theatre. Sweets that were passed round the audience and the way a love of food was conveyed made this a very different show.

The 50s music, the dancing, the acting (the actor who played Nigel was spot on) along with the fact that my kids and my Mum and Dad were there and loved it (after a tricky period of health issues) made this show and the whole experience something a bit special.

The best play/theatrical experience I’ve had in a while. Outstanding. Oh and I really wanted mushrooms on toast when I got home.


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