Obligatory Fresh Start

We are back from holiday and so begins the obligatory fresh start I always have (albeit usually hopelessly) once I get back. When we are away things are different. I don’t know about other people but it gives me time to reflect about what really matters and gives me some distance from the roundabout we constantly spin around on. Plus we always moved more on holiday – so much my hips always ache and my feet throb which makes me realise how lazy I normally am.

This holiday in particular was one of reminiscence, love and being astounded by the world around us. If only you could carry that around with you at the front of your mind instead of pushing it to the back and replacing it with a reminder to fill the car up with petrol.

One of the many things I am in awe of: Gulfoss

It seems to me we need to make more time to be in awe of stuff and to do this I need to get myself organised. I’ve commenced my fresh start by doing the food shop in Aldi (hence better meal planning and the added benefit of the cheese definitely not costing £10 a block, unlike Iceland), and by attacking my email (because the sheer number of them was making me feel a bit sick). I’ve deleted several thousand of them (including some tickets which I had to drag out of my trash when I got click happy) and they all now fit on my screen, even if I’m not sure what to do with some of them. I’ve also written a list (of course) and watched my husband (in awe) as he cut the grass, did the washing and barbecued dinner.

On with the planning, and the reading and the writing. Oh and the watching the sun go down with a coffee – because the sun didn’t go down the whole time we were in Iceland and I’m back home and in awe of that too.

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