Bean Trying…again

Ok so it’s been a while. There are a couple of reasons for this but essentially sometimes stuff happens that I don’t feel right blogging about. Then I get myself tied up and can’t work out how I can write about anything without oversharing or, let’s be honest, pissing people off.

So it’s been a few months but I’m back and I’m revisiting an old, but I think exceptional, plan.

A few years ago I set upon the idea of doing something different every week for 52 weeks. It was at a random time of year (so not a New Year resolution) and nothing to do with turning 52 imminently. I just thought it might be fun. It started well but unfortunately my mental health took a bit of a nose dive and I didn’t get past the first couple of months. Which was a shame because I’d already taken a deep breath and gone on a Burlesque body confidence workshop. I also joined a friend on their blind date and saw a zombie punk band – not at the same time I might add. I even had my eyebrows plucked for the first time and no-one noticed.

Alas I can’t count any of them (and they were quite the experience) because they were too long ago. but I’m starting again. For a laugh, to embrace the ongoing midlife crisis, to give me something to write about and to administer a massive kick up the blogging behind.

It’ll all appear on this website since this is the one people read and the thought of starting again with only my Mum as a reader didn’t appeal – but it will have it’s own blog page to make it easy to understand what on earth I’m doing.

I need ideas though, and lots of them. Ideally some things that don’t cost me any money. I tried looking around the internet and have rejected the following so far:

  1. Have an out of body experience – can you actually plan for that? I wouldn’t know where to begin
  2. Make someone 1000 origami paper cranes – why? And papercuts?
  3. Save the dolphins – too subjective
  4. Travel “All Around the World” – oh ok then, I’ll get on with that
  5. Reach your ideal weight – bugger right off

I’m open to suggestions but I’ll make it clear right now that I’m not getting arrested for the sake of likes.

So if you know me is there something you’ve always wanted to try? I’ll probably do it with you. Unless I’ve done it before, in which case come up with something else please. Prepare yourself to be mildly entertained by a number of not dangerous activities explained in an amusing way…

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