Plastic Attack

I’ve had enough. For the past few weeks we’ve been trying to recycle more as Sheffield City Council is appalling and only collects certain items to recycle (not including tetrapack, plastic bags etc). I took what we’d saved to our local recycling site (not the tip because that is just too far away to be practicable) and the recycle bins are really poor receiving nothing different to the doorstop collection – which is pretty minimal in the first place.

I really want to limit what plastic comes into the house so I am doing some research. It’s led me to a few ideas but it’s pretty tricky:

  • There’s a shop in Crookes where you can fill your own containers with pasta etc but it’s a bit of a trek to be honest. Is there anywhere more local to S7?
  • I’ll buy fruit and veg from our local greengrocer so it comes in paper bags. It’s a bit of an inconvenience but helps the local shops too (plus adds in daily exercise) so that seems a good idea.
  • I’m intending to make more bread myself, but also take bread bags with the carrier bags into the supermarket (although they really don’t want them and have put the very small recycling bank in not the easiest place to find).
  • I’m going to invest in some beeswax wraps instead of using clingfilm.
  • We already use reusable plastic tubs and water bottles but I might get a few more practical sizes and labels.
  • Other than that it can only be about not buying certain things – making cards instead of buying them because of the pesky pointless plastic wrapping, making biscuits instead of buying them – it all sounds quite labour intensive but I guess at least making a small dent wouldn’t hurt.

What about everything else that comes in flipping plastic? I simply don’t know how to tackle it. Like the plastic film that comes on top of, apparently, everything. The plastic wrap that comes around meat if you end up avoiding the chiller and go for the deli counter. The plastic that comes through the door around magazines. Oh to be shopping in the Co-ops of 1950.

This is the start of a journey and I’m clueless at present, but I’m absolutely fed up of all this waste. There has to be a better way. Any ideas gratefully received along with anyone who fancies joining me in a plastic attack.

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