Things to do with kids (Including older kids) No. 4 – Cooking

Again this one is fairly obvious but you get to fill a couple of hours and, now that they are actually older enough to mostly do it themselves, the results are even good. Don’t do what I did yesterday though and, out of some kind of guilt that I’d promised to allow the cooking of a recipe from an Jacqueline Wilson annual, launch headlong into it without actually checking we had the ingredients.

P wanted to make muffins. I scanned the list and thought yep, I always have all those items. Until of course we got to that part of the process and I realised we didn’t have:

  1. Enough chocolate chips
  2. A muffin tin
  3. In date butter
  4. Icing sugar
  5. Milk chocolate
  6. Strawberry jam

What could go wrong?

In fairness to P she was perfectly placated by my substitutions, namely being some old dark chocolate chopped up, a cupcake tin, out of date butter, caster sugar, dark chocolate with extra golden syrup and ice cream sundae strawberry sauce. We all knew they would be on the side of dodgy but once you’ve committed…

The other issue was that she’d chosen to make comedy muffins that look like spaghetti bolognese. I kid you not. Bear in mind our track record with baking is sketchy at best this was going to be a bit of a stretch.



Essentially we were making chocolate chip(ish) muffins covered in stringy icing and a rice krispie chocolate ball on top. The meatball was the worst bit – being almost impossible to make into a ball. We looked like we’d been gardening by the time we finished.

Anyway the positives were this:

  1. She got to try and fool her dad and sister and was gleeful when they played along
  2. They were quite tasty even if completely and utterly sugar filled (and topped) – so much that my teeth squeaked afterwards
  3. More quality time with my daughter, which once I’d calmed down about the whole balling a rick krispie cake was actually very funny.

More successful has been her involvement in cooking dinner with me and later today we might tackle something a bit more normal like a lemon drizzle cake. Let’s just hope we don’t have to make it look like egg and chips.

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