Changing Rooms

Something odd has happened and we appear to be doing some DIY. “Let’s paint the kitchen” I said. “Why don’t we look in the cellar and see if we still have any left from the last time we painted it so it will only need one coat and we will be thrifty.” What an excellent plan.

After an hour my other half had removed about a third of the paint tins from the cellar (more a hole than a cellar, the stairs down to which are hung on all sides with things that hit you on the head including a BBQ pan and some ant killer – we are nothing if not committed.

None of the tins of course are the colour of the kitchen. I mean there are six shades of blue, four shades of green and a random pot of pink but nothing I wanted to paint my walls with. We also couldn’t find any rollers or paintbrushes. This thrifty DIY session was becoming a bit pricey.


The trouble is you can’t get away with what you could in the 1990s. Remember that programme where Anna Ryder Richardson used up people’s old tins of paint by painting a big stripe around the room? Or the one where Mark Currie helped turn an old lamp into a wash basket? I bought a book once which questioned “Why should chairs be floor-bound?” and pictured them hanging half way up a dining room wall. Things are so much duller these days. Or maybe our standards are just a little bit higher.

Anyway we have repainted the kitchen. I bought paint almost entirely the same colour as last time so no-one but us will actually notice we’ve decorated, despite the fact that we’ve paid £30 to do so. Well it’s less grimy at least and I’ve burnt off enough calories to cover the chocolate buttons I put on my celebratory angel delight. Quite a weekend!

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