Isa’s, pension, stocks and shares,
Ordered filing and affairs,
Life insurance policy
Knowledge of economy,
Profile detailed on LinkedIn
Brilliant at networking
Decent car, mortgage free,
Knowing what you want to be,

All these things you should do
By the time you’re 42.

Member of a flashy gym
Flexible and nice and trim
Run 5k most every day
Keep those bingo wings at bay
Eating healthily, that’s more fitting
Than forty sweets in just one sitting
HIIT workouts and perspiration
Time to do some meditation

Don’t you know you’re 42?
It’s time to take control of you

A taste for real ale and fine wine
Picnics in the sunshine
Holidays in South of France
Learning how to salsa dance
Join a book group, read some stories
Talk about conservatories
Learn to knit while drinking booze
Own some sturdy walking shoes

Time to get out of the queue
Get one with life you’re 42!

Supposed to know your style by now
Pluck away that monobrow
Perfect nails and whitened teeth
Waxed and polished underneath
Know how to walk in sky high heels
Ignore the urge to do cartwheels
Instagram your lunch while out
Pull the perfect selfie pout

Your colour palette is dark blue
You should know this by 42

Supposed to have an actual plan
Career goals and a lovely tan
Supposed to be a real success
Part of a clear defined process
But life’s a journey not a race
There’s different paths that you can take
I’m 42 and on inspection
The road’s not set in one direction

You can be your own salvation
Change the route and destination
You’ve just one shot, so please make sure
You like yourself, and what is more
At 42 or any age
Make sure you write your own front page
I’m off to do what I want to do,
Loving being 42.

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