Bastille Reorchestrated, Sheffield City Hall

Ok, so I really like Bastille. I know lots of the words and sing along to their albums loudly in the car. I’m obviously not a real fan, because I can never remember the names of any of the songs and it transpires I didn’t actually know what the lead singer’s name was. Fortunately there were a large number of proper fans in the audience on Saturday night in City Hall.

I worked out what the man behind, and in front of Bastille was called early on in proceedings when various women shouted “I love you Dan”. It reminded me of when we went to see Lewis Watson and a teenager shouted that she wanted to have his babies. It was all I could do to contain myself from having a stern word with her afterwards. I’m getting old, but I digress.

I could see why they loved Dan to be honest. Dan Smith is a little bit of a musical genius.

All the classic Bastille songs had been reworked with the phenomenal input of other very talented musicians including strings, brass, eclectic percussion and a five piece gospel choir. Obviously Bastille songs are anthemic in themselves, but add in some epic orchestral arrangements and they were pretty mind blowing. Everyone was on their feet and you couldn’t fail to sing along. It was so flipping uplifting to see the audience and every single person in stage having so much fun.

It couldn’t help but be a little cheesy at points – the drummer indicating to the crowd the way he wanted us to sway our phone torches was a particular classic but I found myself joining in anyway, even if all I managed to do was illuminate the man in front of me’s bald head.

Embracing the cheese, they even reworked ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC. What’s not to like?

At the end young women in the stalls queued to beg a set list and would no doubt have been queueing at the stage door afterwards. If I was twenty-five years younger I might have joined them.

I think it’s fair to say that after that amazing gig I agree – “We love you Dan”. Although I might not recognise you if I bumped into you in Sainsburys.


(I must also comment on the general loveliness that is ‘To Kill A King’ who supported Bastille, along with the talented Charlie Barnes. Voices to die for.)

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