International Women’s Day

I’ve seen tweets, blogs and posts today from wonderful people praising the women they admire. Famous women. Historical women, Successful women. Funny women. Strong women. Women who have gone. Women who are very much still here.

I have wonderful women in my life. Friends that I love and admire for coping with things I cannot imagine going through. Artists, creators, innovators, influencers, academics, educators, musicians, mothers, sisters, aunts and cousins. Family members who never stop loving and committing to what they have to do each day.

My mum. My lovely mum.

And then there’s the two little women I’m trying to be the best mum I can to, despite my propensity to badly role model how many biscuits are acceptable to eat in one sitting. They are currently learning German and French with enthusiasm and I have no doubt will be much better at being international women than I am (although I do still know how to say “when the weather is sunny I go by bicycle” in German).

I’m taking a moment to think about how far we’ve come. Determined that my girls will grow knowing that nothing should be off limits for them. Whether it be any of their rolling career aspirations – builder, footballer, singer-songwriter, scientist, composer, teacher, hairdresser or owner of the world’s loveliest sweet shop.

I’m taking a moment to say thank you. To my friends, my family, my colleagues, my famous idols and of course my mum – for being role models for me and for our girls.  You are amazing.

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