Hay – a little bit bonkers

We spent the next day exploring Hay. 22 bookshops (I think we went in all of them) a number of vintage stores, some shops that smelled a bit funny and some that were filled with complete joy that we couldn’t afford. We loved Richard Booth books for the reading matter and the cake and sealed our geekdom by sitting in the cafe attempting a crossword.

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As we wondered round the town we were scared by mannequins, puzzled by the castle and it’s non existent cousin and tempted to spend far too much money. Ignoring the whole losing purse incident it was a joyful, slow, happy day.

My friend put a beautiful dinner in to cook and we wandered down to the Globe to be the first customers of the evening (so early it wasn’t even happy hour) and to try their somewhat unusual cocktails. Everything was very…earthy. I wonder if the mixologist was trying to make us feel healthy by sticking a sugar snap pea on the glass.

We ended the day without my purse but with a bags full of books, a delicious dinner, more wine and a roaring fire.

The following morning we wandered down to the river, so it felt like we’d done some exercise, before starting the long journey home. When I got back to Sheffield I was met with balloons and a welcome home banner, along with a handmade sewed bag and lots of hugs. I wonder what they would do if I went away for a week.

I’ve written these entries, not to entertain particularly but to remember. I spent the weekend making new memories with an old friend. Wonderful.

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