Old friends

I felt emotional on Friday. A fairly last minute arrangement to meet a very old friend I hadn’t seen in years, along with catching up with wonderful friends we don’t see enough, was really lovely. It was an opportunity to talk and laugh without worrying if the kids were bored or eating enough. We discussed mid life crises, new careers, work, home, kids and chaos. Different things to ten years ago but it felt just the same.

On the way to lunch I’d been Christmas shopping and popped into an independent shop that stocks the work of one of my closest friends. I felt a wave of happiness and a hint of tears. I don’t see her enough.

When I got home I opened social media and read another of my best friends had written it was “Life’s Too Short Day”. She was encouraging people to do something with that in mind, like for example ringing someone I hadn’t spoken to in ages. So I rang her and we talked and laughed about life, holidays and politics. Just like it was yesterday.

Things change. Friends move away and life moves on. Kids appear and make social gatherings crazily different. You spend your weekends delivering, watching and collecting  them instead of seeing old friends. Babysitters are a challenge. You find yourself going out less and less and watching TV more and more.

A new year is usually time for a resolution. For me it’s clear this year – more time with friends, and more emails and phone calls to reconnect.

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