Ange Made Ceramics at Art House

We spent an absolutely fantastic morning at Art House today in Sheffield. For £10 each the girls attended a two hour workshop run by Angie Hardwick where they made a 3D beach hut from start to finish, embellishing their models using lots of different new techniques.

20621872_10154838664142919_4905369406646516813_nThe whole session was fun, creative, brilliantly explained and overall an absolute joy. For £1 extra you can get the pieces fired so we’ve left our two masterpieces there but I can’t wait to see the finished result.

There were 6 children in our session aged 5-11 and everyone enjoyed it. My 9 year old needed a very small amount of help but the 11 year olds managed with very little assistance. The younger ones seemed to love the rolling out and decoration and their attention was held throughout.

This is the first time I’ve been to a workshop at Art House and I’m now really keen to have a go myself! There are still some classes throughout the holidays for families and their whole programme can be found on their website.

This place is highly recommended (and the cake in the vegetarian cafe is excellent too).

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