Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

I16819427_10154371657427919_5972036736187790149_o‘d been thinking about going to see Everybody’s Talking About Jamie then on Monday night I actually dreamt abut it so I took that as a sign and went last night.

There are so many reviews of this musical saying how fabulous it is – apparently people are going to see it over and over again.  Here are ten reasons why you should go at least once in no particular order:

  1. John McCrea – my word he is born to be Jamie. Such a beautiful talented man.
  2. Choreography – There is nothing I like better than group dances based around disco school desks. And backflips, I like backflips.
  3. The set – Extremely clever sliding rooms and a brilliant view of the orchestra – more real stars of the show. I really must book those saxophone lessons.
  4. Dresses – Flamboyant, excessive, sparkly, perfect. Plus the idea of practice hotpants.
  5. The fact that there is a CD. Car journeys sorted.
  6. Dan Gillespie – the man is a very kind genius and the songs are incredible.
  7. The entire cast – I literally could name all of them but I have to mention my favourites: Lucie Shorthouse and Josie Walker (such amazing voices), Charles Dale (what a wonderful soulful man) and of course Mina Anwar (truly hilarious).
  8. The relationship with Hugo – a kind hearted owner of Victor’s Secret’s Drag shop. Jamie is a lucky boy to have him in his life.
  9. Jokes about Sheffield – we love a bit of local around here. Mentions of the Supertram and Crystal Peaks make us love you even more. The script is very very funny thanks to Tom McCrae.
  10. The shoes. I cannot imagine walking across the stage in those scarlet skyscrapers but Jamie – well he, of course, can dance in them. And he looks better wearing them than anyone else would. Unfortunately I will have to accept that trainers will always be my footwear of choice – I blame my flat feet.

I actually could go on but 10 things seems a good place to stop as I have to go and put the CD on again and dance around the kitchen.

You have 5 days to see it – go!




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