Cirque Du Soleil – Varekai

This show was a bit unusual for16463462_10154328511097919_1216268438666949605_o me since I haven’t been to a circus in years, but I knew from reputation that Cirque Du Soleil was going to be something special. Of course, in this age of Britain’s Got Talent, we’ve seen a heck of a lot of talented acrobatics, to such an extent you’d think we wouldn’t be surprised anymore. But this show is something else.

It is fair to say, I think, that the plot is pretty incomprehensible. Not least what on earth is Varekai? There is a man with plants in his trousers amongst many other people in amazing, mind-boggling costumes. Another bird/angel man drops from the sky and a mean man steals his wings. He spends the rest of the show trying to get his strength back, and possibly his wings , although he seems to forget about them when he sees a very bendy lady. So the plot is clearly bonkers, but it is also beautiful. The singers and musicians who support the action are just stunning but the stars of the show are the acrobats.

I’ve seen silk work before, but not like that. I’ve seen trapeze but not like that. And I’ve seen men double somersault from a rapidly moving swing onto another rapidly moving swing at great heights and speeds…oh no actually I hadn’t. Wow – incredible.

It’s frustratingly difficult to take a photograph during the show – not least because everyone is moving so flipping fast…


I would love to have seen our faces during the show. The expressions of awe, wonder, surprise and, at points, genuine terror would have been fascinating.

Can bodies actually do all of those things? I can’t go on a swing these days without feeling a bit sick and let’s face it, standing on one leg is a challenge for me these days. The supremely sparkly lady who could stand on one hand on a spinning pole is my new heroine.


What about the elephant in the room though? Let’s face it there is one thing people just don’t like about circuses – clowns. But in Cirque Du Soleil is the clowns really are very very funny. Their acts are similarly classic – popcorn is thrown instead of water and oversized flairs are worn instead of enormous shoes – yet it’s just downright funny. Although you might want to avoid sitting in the front section though unless you want to risk being physically ejected from the arena or having your head buffed.

This is a brilliant breathtaking show. Next time they are in town I’m definitely taking my girls, although I’ll take the opportunity beforehand to tell them to ignore the question of why the angel never appeared to get his wings back and just focus on the wow.

I’m guessing I’d also have to tell them not to “try this at home” as I can just imagine my sofa springs would suffer…

I received these tickets as complimentary but I’m always honest in my reviews. If you’d like me to review something just ask.

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