Moving On

Well this has been a tough couple of weeks. I didn’t realise I was so out of touch with half the country and haven’t even really begun processing what the hell happens next.

Typically, as so often in life, massive epic crappy stuff in the news coincides with personal life changes. It takes how you thought you were going to feel, shakes it all about and leaves you dizzy and unsure of how important your own small milestones really are in the grand scheme of things.

I feel sad and desperately worried about Great Britain. I could, like so many, spill my feelings out over the page. Indeed I’ve written a blog entry about Brexit several times in my head and then I realised that so many swear words in one article could upset my mum so I’ve shelved it until I’ve stopped being quite so fucking cross.

This genuinely earth/economy shaking news coincides with me leaving my job. It’s the only time I’ve ever had anything in common with David Cameron (of course we did agree on which way to vote but I suspect for wholly different reasons so I don’t think that counts).

Three years ago I went back to work after a big break looking after my children. It was a massive step to return to the workplace and I struck incredibly lucky.

I have spent the last three years working in a place that I never knew existed. I have been on the supportive periphery of somewhere that makes real differences to young peoples lives. I’ve seen how amazing the staff are, everyday supporting and helping develop young people with special educational needs and giving them the opportunity to create beautiful things with their own hands. I’ve watched from afar as the students go on their, often bumpy, journey.

It’s been enlightening, sad, funny, exhausting, supportive and eclectic. It has opened my eyes to the fact that there are places out there that break the mould. My goodness at the moment how important it seems to be working somewhere that makes a difference. After all it really isn’t all about us. Honestly Boris it isn’t.

So I’m moving on – in fact I started my new job three weeks ago and have been confusing myself stupid with where I am supposed to be and when. I am now working somewhere else that makes a difference and it feels like I’m on the right path for me.

More than that this tree has another branch. I was going to say “this junction has another fork” but wasn’t sure I could travel down two roads simultaneously and the analogy got a bit clunky. Oh heck branches don’t really work either. Let’s just say I’m also doing something else. Crikey Nigel has melted my brain.

In short I’m making a commitment that writing will be a bigger part of my life and that’s pretty exciting. My friend said today that this is the start of my exciting creative journey and I hope that is true.

Tonight I’m a bit sad. I’m a soppy fool and always find moving on emotional and tough (as I am clearly demonstrating in my ramblings). Tomorrow I will wear my sunglasses.

This is me saying “thank you” to all my work colleagues, especially our little team. You deserve only wonderful things.


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