Moving More

Two weeks ago I decided I would put my Fitbit back on. I haven’t been wearing it for the simple reason that if I drive to work, which I have admittedly been doing for months and months now, I only ever walk about 5,000 steps in a day. There are few chances to exercise in a small HR office. When I wore my Fitbit it told me on a daily basis how I hadn’t walked 10,000 steps. No-one likes to be criticised that regularly.

As a result of a freakish moment of commitment the Fitbit is now back and I am walking to work most days. This means I manage 10,00 steps most days too. I managed 13,000 on a day where I barely left the house but did shed loads of cleaning. I could do this instead of walking but the cleaning thing only works if I don’t do any for at least 3 months prior which leaves me with a quite a few days where I’m a bit under target.

On the days where I’ve had to drive I have been guilty of syncing my Fitbit in my pyjamas and running on the spot because nothing is more satisfying than the three seconds when your wrist buzzes before you collapse into bed sweating.

One day in the pursuit of steps I even went running. That was until I met a friend walking her dog in the park. We spent so long talking I’d quite lost the enthusiasm for running but I still had to walk home. Since this is the same amount of steps I figured it didn’t matter all that much.

My best day yet I wracked up 18,000 steps by walking to work and going to a Bellowhead gig.  In reality I suspect there were  quite a few claps plus a few air punches added in for good measure, all increasing my total. Maybe clapping is as good for you as walking.

Today I was hopeful of achieving a good number of steps by walking around shops on Abbeydale Road (I accidentally ended up eating a scone and coming home with a pair of boots and a new handbag but the numbers all add up don’t they? ). It was only mid massive walk around Longshaw this afternoon that I noticed the Fitbit was actually flat and thinks I did 70 steps today. Brilliant, what a waste of time all that walking around waterfalls was.

It’s back on charge overnight, which actually isn’t a bad thing because it seems to have also set me a target for sleeping. It’s bad enough being criticised for not moving enough, but being criticised for not sleeping enough seems very unfair. One day out of fourteen it flashed up with “Hooray you have met your sleeping target today”. I felt buoyed for five seconds until I realised it really isn’t that much of a success and, in fact, the 13 days weren’t in any way an actual failure. Yey go me I slept eight hours last night. Anyone want to sponsor me?

So I’m trying. Moving more and in the process shopping more and eating more cake in tea shops. Win.

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