Summer’s Over

Well that’s that then. The summer holidays are over – well one more day for the girls but I’m back to work properly tomorrow. Plus it’s raining and I have a blinking hoody on.

All in all it’s been really good this year. I feel like we have properly seen friends and family we haven’t seen in far too long, and had a real mix of adventures along the way. Plus our holiday this year didn’t involve the need for central heating in August so that’s a step up.

On top of all that the latest sticker chart is making some headway into teaching the girls not to be downright rude to each other all the time. Impressive since they don’t know what is actually going to happen if they reach the end of it.

None of us want to go back to school. This term is often a challenging one for me. I start in September enthusiastically – ironing polo shirts and going for a run. I finish in October scrabbling around for clean socks and eating an entire packet of hobnobs while watching back to back rom coms.

I also always set myself up to fail. I see September the same way I see January – time for a new start. I always embark on something that I can’t achieve. A diet, an exercise regime, an over planned and over filled social calendar, plans for a clean cooker – that kind of thing.

I’d like to say I have learnt from my mistakes and am approaching it differently this time but Ive bought new notebooks which is always a bad sign. There is already a timetable for exercise and cleaning at draft stage. Doomed to fail as usual.

But one thing is for sure I am going to write. I’ve been finding it hard to blog of late. Maybe things haven’t been funny enough. Certainly the idea of blogging about nice days out as a National Trust member doesn’t really float my creative boat. Life going fairly well just isn’t that interesting perhaps. Or maybe I’ve just been too damned tired and a bit too focused on catching up with Homeland.

Whatever the case, here is me getting back to it. I might find time to backwards blog about a few holiday things but I’m not committing. I’ll start with going forwards.

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