Journaling – Day 16

Things I am grateful for:
1. Dancing
2.The Ferrero Rocher at the end of pilates
3. Having done the Christmas food shopping

This afternoon we had a little Christmas party for the girls friends who we only see in the holidays. We ate food, did come crafts, played stick the nose on the reindeer, passed the parcel and did a large amount of disco dancing. I got to talk to my friends, spend time with a one year old and watch the girls having a great time.

Then it was pilates, the food shop (surprisingly not too hectic) and an evening in front of the telly. And Christmas TV is isn’t disappointing me so far this year. We loved the Wrong Mans (again) and Would I lie to you Christmas special. and we’ve still got Brian Pern and Never Mind the Buzzcocks recorded and it’s only 23rd. I know TV is the drug of the nation, but sometimes it’s pretty darn good and it makes me laugh out loud, which is good for the soul.

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