Journaling – Day 13

Things I am grateful for:
  1. My thoughtful gifts from my hugely lovely work colleagues
  2. Much as I love where I work I am extremely grateful that today was the last work day for a week.
  3. That Paul finished the Christmas shopping and bought the Radio Times.
We still have tonnes to do, everyone is ill or getting ill (including in Tilly’s case violent sneezing and subsequent nose bleeds) and Phoebe is being very wingey and quite unpleasant at times. Despite all this today still managed to be a happy day because it’s the start of Christmas. We wrapped presents and tidied the house (even managing to find the smallest present in the world I thought I’d lost in the process). I’m trying to limit my wholly unrealistic plans of a spotless house and perfect dinner because if I don’t I will ultimately fail and feel rubbish.
I’ve decided to shorten my pre Christmas list radically to help my mental health. So my list is now this and (listen to this brain) the whole family will help me and they don’t actually mind (well Paul doesn’t):
  1. Change beds. Although we might not bother.
  2. Clean out the rabbits and fish. Blooming pets. I can’t really avoid this one.
  3. Hoover. Only in rooms people will sit in. 
  4. Clean the bathrooms. Roughly just so they smell ok.
  5. Go food shopping. For turkey, pre-prepared veg and vodka.
  6. Bake mince pies and Christmas biscuits with the girls. Then eat them.
  7. Wrap remaining presents.
  8. Drink wine. Probably during all of the above. Well maybe not while cleaning the rabbits out.

So really that’s only 5 things that aren’t very pleasant and we have 6 days to do them. Even I can’t fail to manage that can I?

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