Journaling – Day 6

Things I’m grateful for:
1. Fun and fascinating work colleagues and friends.
2. Blue skies.
3. Christmas lunch at work. Definitely festive.

It was our work Christmas do and once I got over my initial anxiety about turning up in a pub on my own I really enjoyed myself. The people I work with are so much fun and so eclectic it makes my life richer for knowing them. I wore sparkly shoes, danced to One Step Beyond, ate food and drank wine. And talked, an awful lot, most of which I imagine was gibberish. My head hurts today which is a shame because it really was a good night  and I don’t want my lasting memory of it to be ibuprofen and a nap on the sofa. Wine is my friend and yet also my enemy…

I also bought a homeless man a cup of coffee on the way to the pub. It’s a a very small act of kindness that I do very occasionally and in the freezing cold last night I couldn’t just walk past. The idea I’m following at the moment encourages you to do small acts of kindness I guess so it puts like into perspective and spreads positivity. So I’m going to think about this more.

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