Ibiza – Day Six and Seven

By day 6 we really were feeling like Brits abroad as we had breakfast in the pub. You could have any combination of eggs, bacon, toast, sausages and beans – in whatever order you liked. The choice was overwhelming. We then invented the term “breakfast pudding” and had ice cream at 9.45am. Well the sun was shining.
I drove again, this time to the North and we visited Cova Con Marca which is stunning and well worth a visit. Following this a trip to the beach was in order since we hadn’t been for 24 hours. This one had a great view but was tricky underfoot and the further you went along the beach the more naked the sunbathers were. I don’t think we are Mediterranean at heart.
We went to eat. I wanted paella and it was all going well until rabbit was mentioned. I had chicken and chips.
More swimming and more sand followed. 
Then the last day arrived. Paul loves a good thunderstorm and just to finish off a perfect holiday the heavens opened. Thunder, a bit of lightening and lots of rain. For all of an hour before the sun came out. Maybe that will happen in Northumberland too. Or maybe not.
We went back to Ibiza town because I was determined to see some history.
The necropolis is worth a visit, if (as you’d expect) a little depressing. There aren’t many smiles in a museum all about burial rituals and a bunch of tombs. It’s good though and when you are studying Romans every little helps.
And then massive cake and coffee, followed by a bit of shopping.
We stumbled across an art market. An enthusiastic Spanish lady helped the girls make necklaces with an oven that cooked the glass beads at 850 degrees. I find it hard to believe that would be allowed at Sharrow Vale. They got a personalised handmade necklace for the princely sum of 5 euros. I’ve paid that for sodding facepaint.
After lunch we stopped at Amante Beach Club which is, well, stunning. We sat on the rocky beach stone balancing and chucking stones into the sea. 
Then what? More swimming. And more ice cream. Then we went down to the sea one last time and had dinner in one of the only open restaurants, on the table next to our new pirate tower finding friends. I finally managed to have sea food and the kids went full on Spanish and had …pizza. Oh well.

We star spotted on the way home and fell into bed exhausted.

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