Ok so I didn’t make something to eat macaroni cheese with. I made a cake slice. Well I say make, I mean I buffed it and sort of made a handle but that pretty much beats any other craft achievement in my life so it’s all good for the soul.

Essentially I was given a cut out shape to buff on a machine. Then I cut a wooden block into a handle shape, sanded it a lot and slightly lamented the fact that I couldn’t etch it with a witty phrase because I hadn’t picked a cheese knife, dammit. It’s flipping lovely though, and even going to be in the gallery for a bit, alongside cake slices that may be more aesthetically pleasing but that doesn’t take the shine off it for me (you see what I did there?).

I personally think the word ‘whittletang’ was made up by someone who had drunk a bit too much cider. Whatever it’s origins it is one of my new favourite words along with ‘shrewd’. ‘flamboyant’, ‘squishy’ and ‘dubious’. Which of course whittletang is most definitely not. It’s a bonkers word to describe making cutlery and adding handles.

The whole point of the training is to understand the student journey. Many of the sessions we offer are craft based to give them the chance to use their hands and their imaginations to produce something they can be proud of. If the students are half as excited as I was when I actually produced a cake slice then I totally get it. Whittletang in mainstream schooling may be the answer you know…

So once it’s been displayed it comes back to me and if you come round for cake I will use it just to show off.

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