Sick Note

So it’s been two weeks. I’m a lot better but based on my trip into school for parents evening clearly not ready to go back to work. I feel incredibly guilty.

I’ve never had a sick note from a doctor before. Strange since I’ve processed quite a few in my line of work. The hospital gave me two weeks. My consultant wanted me to have four weeks. Never having done this before I assumed someone would need to see me to decide what more time I needed.

I thought I’d need an appointment. Apparently not, just a phone call.

I’m genuinely incapable of sitting up all day, of driving and of walking too far. So I genuinely can’t be back at work. And yet the idea of a phone call proving my situation filled me with dread. My default position of feeling guilty about everything isn’t helping.

So I braced myself for the call. Worried what to say. The phone rang:

“Hi, this is reception from your GP. The doctor has asked me to call you to say she’s written you another three week sick note. You can pick it up this afternoon”.

“Er, ok, I don’t want three weeks. I saw my consultant yesterday and she thinks another two, and to see how I get on.”

“Ok, I’ll talk to her and ask her to change it”.

And with that it was done.

I work in HR. It feels all kinds of wrong.

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