Five Days is Too Long

Today is really the first day that things have got properly tricky. Phoebe has been in tears several times, about specific things like the suggestion she had school dinners, and in general including a fight over the bouncy horse. She’s tired and fed up.

I’ve fallen asleep on the sofa twice and had a funny turn when I took painkillers and evidently hadn’t eaten enough. It’s not normal for me to lie about and fall asleep so the kids feel weird.

I’m starting to get irritated. I want to move about but I can’t stand up for long, or sit upright before it’s pretty uncomfortable. My lack of mobility is affecting everyone.

This whole process has made me thankful. And made me think hard about the trials some people, including several of my friends, are going through juggling their ill health and family life.

I’ve never been out of action before. It’s frustrating but I know it will end fairly quickly. Others aren’t so lucky. So there are no laughs in this post. But if you are going through pain, physical or mental, I would raise my hat to you if I were wearing one, and raise my glass if I were drinking. You are amazing.

For all those suffering with the help of Macmillan Cancer nurses, you could give just a little and sponsor me.

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