My blog is, I understand, quite unconventional and therefore unlikely to attract me loads of followers or make me famous. Apparently this is because:

1. My posts rarely have pictures (I just can never get round to doing any).

2. They are not short enough. I admit I do waffle on but I don’t fancy editing myself.

3. Sometimes they don’t even really have much of a point. Like this one probably.

4. I’m crap at all other forms of social media apart from facebook. So essentially I’m rubbish at self publicising and hence my blog remains unpromoted.

5. The key way to get people reading your blog is to read other people’s. This is a bit of a problem. I want people to read and enjoy mine but I just can’t read other people’s (unless I know you in real life of course). It feels weird. Like standing in a pub and listening intently to what the people on the table next to you are on about at length and then shouting a comment in their direction at the end. Of course this is a bad analogy but actually the people on the next table want me to listen and make comments, but probably only positive ones. I digress.

Anyway. I’ve clicked “next blog” a few times as I’ve been thinking about this and I found the following:

Most blogs are full of: a) babies/parenting tips or b) middle aged people banging on about being middle aged and/or their attempts to get fit. You would not believe how many people are blogging about marathons and triathlons.

I stumbled across one which covered both areas called “Babies and Bikes”. I might make a venn diagram.

And of course my blog isn’t so far removed from these. I mention parenting (ad nauseam) and moan about being middle aged every other post. I just haven’t blogged about triathlons yet (I wouldn’t hold your breath).

Despite all the valuable advice on how to blog, most of those out there (in my very small evidence gathering experiment) are similar to mine. We are all just wittering out into the ether, with a greater or lesser amount of photographs.

Does it matter? I guess it depends what we all want out of it. At the moment it doesn’t matter to me. It’s a hobby. It helps with my writing style and makes my mum laugh. And since I’ve never really liked the idea of writing in the way the world suggests I should, I’ll carry on.

So here ends another blog post with very little point.

Oh but here’s a picture of my abseiling when I was 10.

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