Every day happy

I am shamelessly stealing an idea I saw on a blog to note down one thing that made me feel happy every day. It’s one of those “make you focus on the good stuff” things. I quite like the idea.

On most days more than one thing makes me smile. Some days finding even one is a challenge. But this week has been pretty good all in so here goes.

22/09 Dad’s smiling face. And everyone else’s too.

23/09 Leftover cake.

24/09 Watching a street sweeping van clean our road. Because I wrote to the council. Now that’s empowering, people. You can do it too!

25/09 Getting the hang of Que Sera Sera at singing. You’d be surprised how positive you feel when you “ooo” in the right places.

26/09 Writing a blog entry that made me realise other perspectives on birthday sharing. My Dad and husband are marvellous.

27/09 The glee on my daughter’s face at the thought of Brownie camp. Personally I wouldn’t fancy a holiday in January with a bunch of pre teens but whatever floats her boat.

28/09 My youngest daughter in her Razz uniform happily trotting off to an extra curricular activity. Times are changing.

29/09 Pregnant guinea pigs who can’t fit in food troughs.

I wonder what joy next week will bring!

P.S. Feel free to join in yourself!

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