I know I bang on about feeling middle aged, but I just can’t help it. It’s hard to deny when all the evidence points one direction. And that’s not a reference to the youthful floppy haired boy band that I hope I never have to see live.

On Friday Paul and I watched a film called ‘This is 40’. We worryingly identified with the couple in it just a little too much. From the aged music referenced, the list making mania, the obsession for need for change and dreams of perfection, the bickering children and Ipad retreats it was funny and frankly unnerving.

It was as I rested back in bed, rosy from the sofa lounging and wine consumption that went along with watching the film (that’s how rock and roll we are on a Friday night), that I reflected on the startling similarities portrayed in the film. If this moment was in a movie I would have sat up abruptly and looked at the self help book in my hand (“How to be a bit happier and get a bit more done”) and shouted “Oh Shit” loudly.

As it was I sighed, turned the page and before long fell asleep with the book over my face.

The good news is we woke up the next morning and actually did get a bit more done. Paul chopped a tree down and I did lots of washing. Oh god.

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