Rabbit Trauma – It Goes On

So Betsy no longer minds us putting the coat on her. This is because she can remove it in about half an hour.

When I went to bed at midnight last night she was wearing it. By 5.30 she had taken it off. I put it back on bleary eyed.

By 8am she was no longer wearing it so I sewed bits together and put it back on. By 9am she had removed it.

So then I put it on backwards with the velcro on the top and it’s still like that now which is boding well. But she’s probably just humouring me.

The trouble is she needs it on. She’s obviously been bothering her stitches in the time she’s had without it, so I’ll persevere.

The other thing to persevere with is her sister. Apparently they may fall out with each other because they have been apart. So now we’ve got musical hutches (not literally although I might market that idea along with rabbit jackets). The hatch is shut and the ramp removed and I swap over the rabbits and their toys several times a day. Plus I make sure when one is in the run she can see the other one through the wire. It’s like a medium security rabbit prison with an easily confused prison warden letting them out of their cells for exercise time. If one of them starts digging out like the Great Escape I might have a meltdown.

Right I’m off to clean out their cells, I mean litter trays and then to design a range of rabbit ear warmers.

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