It’s all a bit odd this work thing. Especially since I don’t start my new job for nearly five weeks. So my intention is to grasp these last weeks of freedom with both hands. Quite why I’m sat in the office typing blog entries then I’m not sure.

Things I need to do before starting work:

1. Organise Phoebe’s party and birthday presents. Apparently she wants fish. Our house is turning into a pet shop.

2. Finish my children’s novel. I just have to work out how they find the dragon and get on with it. Just to say I have.

3. Arrange very exciting lovely things to do in half term. Oh boy do I feel guilty that I’m not going to be around as much in the holidays.

4. Paint decking and garden furniture. Dull, dull, dull but necessary. And I refuse to spend weekends doing it once I start work.

5. Filing and shredding. This has the added benefit of providing bedding for rabbits but it’s still excruciatingly boring.

6. Planting and sorting out the garden in general. Of course I could just let the rabbits out to eat the plants which would make weeding less necessary.

And self indulgence since I can now justify this:

1. Spa trip with my best friend.

2. See Pesky and Nicky and lots of other lovely ladies lots while I can still drink coffee and shop.

3. Some gym time. I’m trying to see this as an indulgent thing despite actually still hating exercise. But if I can lose a bit of weight and get fitter before Abby’s wedding that would be marvellous.

4. Try and write a play. I have something I can submit for and want to do it.

There. It feels like I should take advantage of the time more. Any ideas?

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