Big Girl

Right what next? On to my eldest daughter’s birthday party.

This year Tilly wanted a cooking party for her seventh birthday and I was lucky enough to get in touch with George from Discovery Kitchen.

George came and helped ten girls to make their own dinner. They began by making the pizza dough in pairs and getting gloriously sticky.

After that they were given knives. Well it’s hard to prepare fruit kebabs without them, but I have to say this was the only part when I had an overwhelming urge to shut my eyes entirely. Fortunately it was only the fruit that got chopped to pieces. Thank goodness George had it covered.

They then iced fairy cakes and threw silver balls all over the floor.

Finally the pizzas were made and the girls ate all their creations in a big feast.

I had considered doing this party myself. I’m so glad I didn’t. Sometimes getting a professional in is the only way. I got to keep my sanity, all the children’s digits intact and a calm and happy party and birthday girl. Brilliant.

It was only when all ten girls went outside to play afterwards that it got a bit hairy. At least one had a seesaw related incident and we lost several garden toys over the wall. The girls didn’t seem to mind though and I sent Paul round to collect the lost things later. It’s always nice to see the neighbours.

At the end I brought out the disastrous cake I’d made that tasted a bit dodgy but looked quite a lot like a panda. Of which Tilly said “It’s good. It’s better than I could do Mummy”. I’m taking that as a compliment and conveniently forgetting the fact that she’s seven…

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