Day Six – Homeward Bound

We got up at the crack of dawn on Friday after a restful night of at least two hours sleep and dragged the girls out of bed. Tilly was asleep fully clothed. She panicked in the night that she wouldn’t get up in time to get dressed so did it and went back to sleep. She’s so like her mother.

We finished the holiday by getting on the wrong tram, getting off at the next stop and getting on a different one. Why change the habit of a life time? I blame the lack of sleep anyway.

A final emptying of wallets in the airport saw us buying a tacky china windwill and milkmaid (also china, we wouldn’t have got a real one through passport control) and more pastry. I think Phoebe was on sausage roll breakfast number five by this point. I still couldn’t have a cup of tea.

The flight was great. The kids loved the view. I didn’t have the pleasure since not content with a bit of ear pain my body actually decided to give me a nose bleed on the way up so I spent most of the flight which a tissue to my nose and a hand on my ear. Phoebe never stopped talking once.

We located the car on landing, put the wrong credit card in the car park barrier machine on the way out and were charged £10 for the privilege. This had definitely been a costly holiday but it was worth every penny. Apart from those spent on the chocolate sprinkle sandwich and the car park barrier that is. And the crap tea.

We officially loved Amsterdam and would love to do another city break. Of course we can’t afford it any time soon so the next exotic destination will have to wait. April sees us staying in a hotel in Birmingham with Tesco Club card vouchers and dining solely in Pizza Express. Ah well. At least there is little chance of us getting run over by a bicycle in Cadbury World.

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