Some of the good stuff

This week’s positives in no particular order:

1. Billy Bragg releasing ‘Handyman Blues’. I smiled, listened to it on repeat and retreated to the 1990s.

2. Finding a potential a writing course. Of course I haven’t actually managed to book onto it yet but it’s a step in the right direction.

3. Agreeing to finally help in school one afternoon a week partly in the hopes that I’ll find out what they do all day.

4. A trip to Avid Farm shop – had a laugh, did a storytelling workshop and bought cake and hot chocolate. Always lovely.

5. Snow in the peaks beats most views in my opinion.

6. My Fair Lady with my best friend. Nuff said.

7. Writing a chapter of a children’s book which I will likely self publish if I ever finish it. My daughter laughed at some of it. Although she did give it back to me at the bottom of the first page and say “is that enough now Mum?” It’s nearly positive criticism.

8. Singing the first three tracks of Amy McDonald’s album driving through the peaks.

9. Sledging and snowballs. I love the fact that you graduate at the Bannerdale Centre slopes. Little ones (and less brave parents) start at the side nearest the centre, bigger ones and nutters move across to the steep bit. I also love the fact that we always see people we know there at this time of year, however inevitable that is it’s cool.

For those with little ones we saw someone with a baby in one of these (or similar) and it was amazing. Strapped in, stable, stayed upright while baby whizzed down little slope laughing her head off. They didn’t make these in my day.

10. Lack of nits. I have checked, treated, nit combed and double checked Tilly, checked Phoebe three times, and checked and given Paul a haircut. Me? Well I’ll just have to trust my husband. My head still flipping itches though.

I insist on writing down the positives. There are negatives too but they can bugger off.

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