Fours days in and film number 2: Chronicle.

Three college students find weird glowing thing and gain superpowers. I knew nothing about this film but based on the description I thought this was going to be a comedy. It’s way darker than that.

I liked the students discovering what they could do and developing their newfound powers but for some reason it felt lopsided. Lots of time and emphasis was given over to that section yet the descent into the inevitable misuse of power wasn’t given enough time in my view.

It also raised a question for me about special effects. I always thought I preferred the old ways to CGI, but watching actors obviously hoisted up into the air by their pants looked slightly comedic and out of touch with modern film making. It all looked a bit panto, whilst frankly being a bit gory at the end which is an odd contrast.

But I did enjoy watching it despite that so 7/10. Just because gaining super powers is every school boy/girl’s dream.

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