This year I will focus on…

…my friends. Those I see every day and every week. And those I haven’t seen in far too long.

…my family. More quality time with my husband. More one on one time with my beautiful daughters. And more family daftness. Much more.

…my writing. I’m not entirely sure how yet. I suspect through blogging, freelancing, competitions and stories just for the hell of it. Lots of them – probably very silly ones. With the main intention being to make people laugh.

… my health. I have time to do it so now is the time that my fitness has to change. Just as soon as I’ve finished the stilton and the large tin of Roses. And the After Eights. I have to do it because frankly this being the first thing on my brain every day when I wake up is boring me.

…moving out of the 1990s. For every ten old albums I listen to I will find another one released the right side of 2010.

So a little late I guess but resolutions nonetheless.

Oh and I forgot. I will also continue with my annual resolve to not take up Zumba. Because it scares me.

Happy New Year everyone.

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