Norton Farmers Market

Oh my word it was cold today. I couldn’t feel my toes. I sent Paul to the car to find warmer clothes for me and he came back with:

a) a hat – the dubious green one that makes me look like a convict but at least it kept my ears warm, and
b) one fingerless glove with an unravelled thumb.
I donned the cold weather equipment and put a Folkmanis Kangaroo puppet on my other hand. I tried the lion but it didn’t offer as much warmth.
It is a lovely market but was a slow day today. Maybe because of the cold. I did seem to sell several copies of bilingual books. Maybe the cold weather had everyone dreaming of Spain and the South of France.
The girls had fun with Paul and everything was weirdly relaxed. They went to Graves Park, spent quite a long time playing in the cafe to keep warm, and generally larked about. The larking did end up with Tilly getting her hair caught in my gazebo zip (which I wouldn’t have thought possible) but even that was more comical than painful. I gave them both £2 to spend at one point and they came back with a jar of sweets to share between them (what, cooperation?) and a plant for me. I’m not sure quite what was going on.
After a large pasta bolognese, rhubarb crumble (with Rhubarb from the market of course) and two cups of tea I’ve finally thawed out. I’m doing Totley farmer’s market tomorrow and I’ll be taking ski clothing.

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