It appears I now frequent pubs in Sheffield again. Of course it helps that three new ones have opened within a mile of our house.

The Ale House is run by the previous manager of the Sheaf View. It has all the character of the Bull in Spalding. Which never had any. But I liked the Bull because it had people I liked in it. I like the Ale House because on Wednesday nights it has people I like in it. Well the ones in my failing pub quiz team that is. It also has good beer, a juke box and judging by the records stuck around the ceiling the manager has quite good taste in music.

I tried the Millhouses a few weeks ago with a friend. I felt a bit like I wasn’t posh enough to be there, which apparently is a surprise based on it’s chequered past from way before it reopened this time. The food is supposed to be good so I’ll have to go back and test it. Maybe my new hair style and make up will make me feel more at home. And it has staggering distance from our house in it’s favour. But someone told me the beer they sell is from Cornwall which is a bit odd.

Then on Friday Paul and I went to the reopened Broadfield on Abbeydale Road. The interior is great. Character and comfort. I saw a few people we knew, and spent much of the night sitting with Tilly’s reception teacher and Phoebe’s pre school teacher which was really good fun. Both girls thought us having a night out with their teachers was hilarious.

The pub was really busy and we spent a fortune on wine, but the place had a really good feel to it. And it sells the best pies in Sheffield apparently. Better than all that Paul was with me in a pub, which happens pretty rarely these days. We walked home looking at the clear sky trying to ascertain which light was Jupiter, which isn’t easy with blurred vision even when you have got an app.

And we drew smiley eyes on a frozen windscreened camper van. No I am not having a mid life crisis.


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