Away blues

I think it’s safe to say I’m not enjoying Paul’s absence in the slightest. There have been two notable nice things (Will Young and a lovely book selling morning today) but other than that it pretty much sucks. And he’s only been gone 34 hours.

1. I stubbed my little toe this morning, did very well not to swear loudly and have been suffering the consequences all day. I didn’t do it whilst doing anything impressive, worthy or even just dramatic (I came off worse than the door frame at least) and I think I’ve broken it. I have tried to explain to my children that walking isn’t easy and that I’m limiting it to the absolutely necessary. They got cross that I wouldn’t come out into the garden, root around in the choc-a-bloc shed for gardening gloves and pick up a soggy dirty sunflower head so they could extract seeds from it. Then Phoebe trod on my foot. I don’t think it was malicious but still…

2. I have one daughter who can’t make it to the toilet in the night time and one who can’t make it in the day. Specifically four times today. The house is festooned with washing and I can’t get the smell of wee out of my nostrils.

3. Phoebe is being fussy and ridiculous with food. Ham is too “crunchy”, she is regularly “too full up” to eat any kind of fruit and she wants to dip everything in butter.

4. I still have no paperwork from the bank. Apparently first class Royal Mail can now take four days to arrive. Seriously. Is there some snow storm I’m unaware of? I also haven’t heard from the builder. If the work starts on Monday I’ll eat one of the numerous pink bobble hats we have, when I can find one that is.

5. I have spent a large amount of time on hold to Nikon before hanging up. There’s half an hour of my life I’m not getting back.

6. My clothes from Boden came. Very little fitted so had to go back. Perhaps sizing is different if you are a Baroness. Thank goodness I bought a bag. If the replacement clothes don’t fit everyone’s children will be getting Boden tops for Christmas.

7. Every night on Facebook someone says they are off to drink wine. I don’t have any. I have even had to forego my quiz night pint tonight because I’m so broke from the babysitter yesterday.

None of these things are a big deal but do you know what? I just plain miss Paul. I’m lucky that he is here so much, but when he’s away it’s rubbish. Roll on Saturday morning.

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